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Let's get to know each other in this free Zoom session. I can answer your questions and we can see if working together is a perfect fit. 

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Spend time each week learning about the unique features of your ADHD brain.  Capitalize on your strength, and develop work-arounds to mitigate your struggles.  



each 50 minute session $200/ minimum 4 session

12 sessions $2000

Executive Skills Challenge

If you have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, this is an excellent workshop to help you understand the executive functions of your brain. It's an in depth look at these executive functions and how they are affected by ADHD. In this workshop you will learn what gets in your way of living a focused and productive life. You will walk away with workarounds designed specifically for you that will mitigate some of the struggles you may have with your ADHD brain. 

Weekly one hour sessions for 12 weeks. $1200, some scholarship available.

Via Strength Inventory for the Family

This is two one-hour sessions focusing on each person’s positive personality traits as defined by the Via Institute of Character Strengths. Each person will have the opportunity to learn their strengths and share them with the family. The family will learn to identify and celebrate how each person’s strengths contribute to the  positive family environment.

Two one-hour sessions.  $300 for the entire family.

A Few Things Children with ADHD Wish We Knew About Them

Five Gifts a Teacher Can Give an ADHD Student

ADHD is not a deficit of attention but rather, it is the inability to regulate attention. 

The ADHD brain works perfectly, just differently. This becomes clear when you understand its unique set of rules. When teachers and parents understand how the ADHD brain is wired, they can help the students develop tools to navigate the neurotypical world.

Two  one hour sessions. $150

This course is free for families of clients 

Students with ADHD are not broken, their brain just operate differently that a neurotypical brain. They bring many amazing gifts to our world and I wouldn't want you to miss any of them.

One hour session. This course is free to teachers.

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